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Sorry, we can't give you access to your friends list because we don't have it.  


Only you and Mark Zuckerberg do. 


Don't count on Mark to tell your friends about One Day in May; it's up to you. 


But imagine the impact if you, and everyone else, shared this link, posted it on their social media, printed and handed out some flyers and bookmarks (flyers and bookmarks).


Imagine if even 10% of us started posting One Day in May comments on our Governors' and State Legislators' social media so that everyone, not just the elected officials, could become informed.  Together we could easily post One Hundred comments/day:)  Every day from here to the elections.  For social justice and for the children.


We can also contact our Governors and State Legislators (Governor's phone numbers, State legislators) or even start a One Day in May ballot initiative petition to go over the heads of the establishment.

One Day in May has a budget of $0, but we can have a bigger impact on education than Michael Bloomberg's $100 million investment had in the 2020 Florida Presidential election.

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