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State Testing A Story

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State testing programs in public schools are:


(Click here if you'd rather read the graphic novel version of the True Story of State Testing)

The elite establishment insists that we need this type of testing (No Test Left Behind). 


We don't (The Pearson Follies). 


Federal law permits states to satisfy their yearly progress requirements with a paper and pencil test given statewide on a single morning ( The real testing requirements of ESSA )


We call this a "One Day in May" style test (One Day in May).


Private schools use One Day in May style tests and wouldn't touch the state testing system with a 10-foot pole (Rubrics and criterion- vs. norm-referenced tests).  Parents would never pay tuition to send their children to a school that wasted so much time and focus on failed state tests (Raw evil of computerized state testing).

Public school children, parents and taxpayers deserve the same respect that private schools give. And they deserve to know the true story of state testing ("The True Story of State Testing" - it's a short graphic novel, a five-minute read that you'll never forget).

Your Governor and Legislature are the only ones authorized to rein in your State Department of Education.

One Day in May testing is not a pipe dream.  Don't give up because you've lost hope that anything can change.  Reasonable state testing in your state is only one vote away from being the law of the land - law that the State Department of Education can't violate.

If "One Day In May" makes sense to you, tell your PTSA and teachers union.  Politicians rarely act on good ideas shared by individuals, even many individuals, but they do listen to groups.  Here is a story of a state that came so close.....


Consider this:  Back in 2019 the One Day in May Act  was one legislative  vote away from becoming state law in Maryland.  Senate Bill 757 would have relieved Maryland public schools of this year's weeks of state computerized testing disruption, testing that produces results nobody trusts or even cares about. 


Maryland students, under SB757, would instead have had a single day of paper and pencil testing this year.

The results of the One Day in May test could be compared with the past 50 years of student performance across the nation.

The results would have been returned to teachers within three weeks so they could actually inform instruction.

Again, let that sink in.

S.B. 757 (I'm just a One Day In May Bill) was vetted by legislative lawyers and would have instantly made One Day In May the law of the land, but it never came to a full chamber vote because State Department of Education lobbyists killed it in committee.  Yes, you must know that our bureaucracies regularly lobby and sometimes even lie for their own self-interested imperative "More money for schools; but you must trust the experts to spend it."


The lobbyists shouted down the handful of parents, teachers, students and tax-payers who knew about the bill.

This website was created to inform the true stakeholders so that we get a better legislative outcome next time - in all fifty states.

There is no way the testing travesty could continue if enough people knew the true story of state testing.

If you want to push back against the lucrative testing industry (Bill Gates Wants Common-Core-Related PARCC to Succeed) and invasive and self-serving state testing bureaucracy (Free Trips Raise Issues for Officials in Education, and  Pearson Follies Part II) then:

  • Share/post and tell your PTSA, Teachers Union, parent's organizations and tax-payer groups (if they won't support One Day In May what are they there for??)

Let teachers, parents and taxpayers know the real story of state testing.

Someone you know wishes they had this information.

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