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"One Day In May" is a strictly volunteer effort to rebut misinformation about state testing in public schools.  We have a budget of $0 so we do not need and won't accept money.


Our purpose is simply to spread the One Day in May idea and support any organization that will fight for it.


Communities have the right, under ESSA, to choose their public school testing. 

Yet, despite two decades of appeal to our elected officials, schools still have experimental, onerous, punitive, exploitative, costly and controversial state testing programs.  

We purpose to equip stakeholders to call the bluff of the corporate, bureaucratic and elite bullies. 

One Day in May aims to replace invasive, expensive, inequitable, computerized, criterion-referenced, and/or multi-day tests with a One Day in May style test:

  • elegant,

  • fair,

  • paper and pencil,

  • norm-referenced tests

  • that an entire state school system could finish in a single morning

  • and that only cost about $10/student. 

The only way to reign in our unelected State Departments of Education is for our Governors and Legislators to pass a One Day in May law that puts unequivocal limits on the state testing (e.g. Senate Bill 757, Maryland, 2019).

We know it won't be easy but together we can wrest education back from the PARCC, Common Core, No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, Next Generation, Smarter Balanced, High Stakes Testing and Standards elite.

Our purpose and scope is educational.  We would be honored to support any grass roots effort or movement that aims to limit testing to One Day in May.

Contact for more information.

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